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Theory Studies Are More Important Than Practical Studies

Present generation students of schools as well as colleges are discussing about how the studies has to be changed and comparing with other countries were more focus is given on practical studies, Yes it is true that practical studies is beneficial as one has not to cram and easy to learn. Today almost every student and their parents are just talking about one thing that why do still Indian government keeps so much theory rather than practical. Most of the time studies mean in fact: the published studies were broadcast in the past, which were the results of the report of research findings. This may mean that the authors tested a specific hypothesis, examined theories of the theory, or attempted to answer a specific research question. Most part studies are published in peer-review journal articles, although research findings are sometimes broadcast in standalone monographs, independent reports, or books as books or chapters. On the other hand, the principles are proposed to clarify the events or relations celebrated, usually based on some systematic analysis of existing literature, or predetermination of evidence observed in the case of studies. To give you a solid example, take a look at Cluj and Denise 1996 (Psychological Bulletin). This is a great example of both previous studies and one theory. In this letter, the author started by asking a research question: What reaction always has a positive effect on the performance? Theory meta-analysis of the studies, and found that in almost 40% of the cases there was no answer. This part of the paper includes empirical evidence, and reporting research findings will be considered. After that, they proceed to review the research literature, know about the reaction and how it works, and to explain those conditions is called “feedback intervention theory”, under which feedback is the best in those terms. Works, under which feedbacks work too. This part of the paper is clearly a theoretical proposition. Last but not least, they conduct the second meta-analysis of the literature, examine the principles of the proposed theory, and find that many of the proposed explanation mechanisms in their theory are actually responsible for the difference in reaction effectiveness observed in the literature. This final piece of paper will also be considered for reporting of research findings.

Simple answer to this is that when ever we learn the practical things we will only learn the thing that has been coming in the practical sessions while teaching but even practical sessions are not always the same in real life, the practicals change in real life. Where as in theory studies we have to learn each and every thing from basics to the end which is some times boring but is really very useful. So practical studies are important but theory studies has to be mastered first.

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