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Designing Using AutoCAD, CREO, SolidWorks:-


I have done mastery in AutoCAD, CREO, Solidworks for mechanical product designs and analyzing the quality of the product, also to design the products as well as Logos with the speed and efficiency. I have done many designs of the products and also worked as a draftsman for copying any machine design and any complicated part in the shortest amount of time and also can design the products for the CAD/CAM machines i.e. CNC and 3D Printers.

Website Management:-


I can easily manage any website from e-commerce to any of the portfolios to Newsletter websites with hosting management and email subscription and bugs removal, I also can use the basic SEO techniques to improve your rankings on search engines, I can manage the domain and host and website developed on WordPress, HTML, Html5, Php and also can easily modify any developed website. Working only on the developed website and not completely developing websites.

My Live Projects

My College Projects

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