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How To Optimize Your Smart Device’s Battery And Increase Its Life Span !

We all use our smart devices daily and one thing that we are getting bored of is recharging them again and again and we all do the same mistake i.e. to charge the device at 20%<30%<50%< so on. Initially, when the device is new its battery life is quite long but after some period of usage its battery lifetime capacity decreases and then we have to charge it many times as compared to before now the question is why is it so for every smart device?

Most smartphones have either lithium-ion batteries or lithium-polymer batteries. Although there are actually both lithium-ions, and thus, there is no ‘memory’, which means that you can charge them at any level – you do not need to completely discharge before charging them – And you do not have them to charge up to 100 per cent. In fact, these types of batteries suffer from low voltage problems, so in reality, it is better to charge them partially in comparison to fully charging and extracting (say, 20 per cent to 90 per cent till). Although battery care is always open for debate, there will be someone for each approved tip who says that it does not make any difference. Just find people who work for you and you can increase battery on your Android device. Battery life is one of the most important aspects of the mobile user experience. Without power, an instrument provides absolutely no functionality. For this reason, it is important that the app is as respectable as possible of battery life. There are three important things to keep in mind about keeping your app power-thrifty: Make your app lazy. Use the devices that can help you identify the battery that removes the battery. The every rechargeable battery for each smart device has a recycling limit and generally, the life of a typical Lithium-ion cell is about 350–500 full charge-discharge cycles. Now when we recharge it at 30% it actually looses 0.85 cycle from its lifespan instead of 0.75 cycle, It is due to the system configuration synchronized with the battery and so it just affects 0.15 cycle (Note:- This are approx calculations) so imagine for complete life cycle it will lose almost 13 cycle which is for full charge and discharge.

For solving this problem always try to charge your devices at 10-15% which gives you optimum battery life performance and not in the middle even not in power banks as they are also rechargeable. And remember to take out at 99 / 100% else keeping it at charging for long time even after 100% it will recharge it constantly (Fact:- Today’s chargers are smart charger they accordingly turns on and off the power supply) which will again affect its life cycle so keep this note charge until 99% and drain its battery up-to 10-15% for its optimum performance.

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