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Addiction – What & How It Causes – How To Overcome It


What Is Actually Addiction

In the past, the addiction was seen as a person’s moral failure and weakness of will (NIH, 2010). With progress in scientific research, biological theories of addiction in the form of a “brain disease” are now widely accepted; However, this approach is still controversial. Many like to mark it as a condition, which requires constant management rather than a disease because it promotes the idea that addiction can be managed through behavioural changes and that the person Ultimately the situation is under control. The disease model is supported by changes in the brain as a result of continuous substance use. Through the process of adaptation, the brain tries to adapt to the presence of a substance in an effort to function normally. The disease model claims that the preliminary choice may be voluntary to use the substance; with time, the practical choice decreases because these neurobiological changes occur. Whether we see drunk as a “disease” or not, we can clearly see that there are changes in the brain which promote both continuous uses due to the rewarding emotions that the substances can start in the brain and Also, due to the avoidance of withdrawal symptoms. At that time when dependence develops.


What Causes An Addiction

There are many theories on what causes the addiction. Some people say that it is genetically determined, whereas, at the other end of the spectrum, others argue that it is purely due to environmental factors, such as disturbed childhood. The major model in the United States is called the Disease Model, which was originally proposed by Allen Lander in the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA). The disease model sees addiction as a biological “disease”, in which the drug essentially kidnaps the brain, eliminating biochemical changes and making addiction indispensable. However, there are many other competitive principles. For example, some proposals say that addiction and air conditioning behaviour is more casual; That addiction is a moral or spiritual problem, Or that addiction happens as a result of lack of social relations. Today, a large part of psychologists acknowledge that addiction comes from the complex interactions of many factors, including biological, psychological, social and even (for some) spiritual factors. It is known as Bio-psycho-social-spiritual (BPSS) model. Sometimes you use more than you want to use. For example, a drink leads to more drinks, or a single line of cocaine is higher. You continue to use despite negative results. For example, you continue to drink, even if it hurt your relationships.


How Our Mind Reacts On Addiction

There are different stages of addiction. An initial stage is a working person with the addiction. They still have a job and their relationships are intact, but their life is suffering due to their addiction. This is the most common scenario. You do not have to take bigger disadvantages to make intoxication. The final stage of addiction is a non-functional addict. They have lost their job and have to use every day. This is what people think that is like addiction, but this stereotype is rare. The effects of addiction get worse over time. Addiction is a progressive disease. It’s never easy to leave But if you have already suffered negative consequences and do not want to spoil it, then there is no better time than now. About 10% of any population is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Addiction is more common with diabetes, which is about 7% of the population. Addiction crosses all socio-economic boundaries. 10% teachers, 10% plumber and 10% CEO is an addiction. Alcohol abuse, alcoholism, and dependence are all common. Various words have been used over time in an effort to remove the stigma of intoxication. However, the reality is that no one can develop an addiction, no matter how many times he uses any substance, and does not matter if he has a family history of addiction or not. Many substances, especially illegal substances such as heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine can cause people to develop an addiction after a single use. And, even some legal substances, such as cigarettes and alcohol, have the capacity of addiction even after a few uses.

Addiction Facts

What causes, say, heroin addiction? This is a very stupid question, is not it? it’s clear; We all know this; Heroin addiction becomes addictive due to heroin. Here’s how it works: If you use heroin for 20 days for 21 days, then your body will be inclined to physically medicate because the drug has chemical hooks. This is addiction. But there is a catch Almost everything that we think we know about drugs is wrong. If you, for example, break your hip, you will be taken to a hospital and you will be given weight of diamorphine for weeks or months. Diamorphine is heroin. In fact, more robust heroin can be found on the road than any addict, because it is not contaminated by all drug dealers. Now you have people who are being given loads of deluxe heroin in hospitals. So at least some of them should become addicts? But this has been studied closely; It does not happen that your grandmother was turned into an addict by her hip replacement. Why is this? Our current theory of addiction comes from a series of experiments done earlier in the 20th century. The experiment is simple: you take a rat and put it in a cage with two water bottles. One is just water, the second is with heroin or cocaine. Almost every time you run this experiment, the rat will get intoxicants and will keep coming back to as long as it does not fill itself. But in the 1970s, a professor of psychology, Bruce Alexander, saw something odd about this experiment: The rat is put alone. It does not have anything besides taking drugs.

How To Overcome Addiction

What would happen, he thought, if we tried it differently then? That’s why he built a rat park, which is basically a paradise for rats; This is a lush cage where rats have coloured balls, tunnels, where many friends come from to play, and they can load sex – a mouse about the city can do whatever it wants. And they will have water and ordinary water bottles. But the interesting thing here is: in Rath Park, rats rarely have used water; None of them ever uses it inevitably; None of them ever overcame. But maybe this is a number of rats, is not it? Okay, helpful, there was a human experiment on the same lines: Vietnam war. In Vietnam, 20% of American soldiers were using heroin a lot. Those returning home were really frightened because they thought that hundreds of thousands of crazy people would be on the streets of the United States when the war ended. But one study followed solid people of the house and found some striking: they did not go for rehab; They did not even go back; Just 95% came home after the bus stopped. If you consider the old theory of addiction, then it does not make any sense. But if you If you believe Alexander’s theory, it is right, because if you are put into a horrible forest in a foreign country, where you do not want to be, and forced you to kill or die at any moment Maybe, heroin is a great way to spend your time; But if you go back to your good home with your friends and your family, then it is equal to being removed from that first cage and a human rat has been put in the park; It’s not chemistry, it’s your cage, it’s your cage.

Alternative Addiction To Overcome Addiction?

We need to think about the addiction separately. Human beings have an innate need to bond and join. When we are happy and healthy, then we will bond with the people around us. But when we can not do, because we beat down with trauma, separation, or life, we have something that will bind us with a sense of relief. It can endlessly check a smartphone; It can be pornography, video games, Reddit, gambling, or cocaine. But we will bond with anything because it is our human nature. The way out of unhealthy bonds is to make healthy binding, be associated with those people you want to be present with. There is only one symptom of addiction which is happening around us. We all feel it. Since the 1950s, the average number of close friends of an American has declined consistently. At the same time, the volume of flooring in their homes is constantly increasing. To choose the accessories on the connection, choose a floor space on friends. War on Drugs We are fighting for nearly a century now everything has got worse. Instead of helping people to heal and get their lives together, we have thrown them out of the society, we have made them difficult to get jobs and to be stable, we take advantage and support to stay away from them. If we catch them with drugs, then we throw them in jail cells, which are really caged, we put people who are not well in such a situation. There are only those who feel worse and they hate them for recovery. For a very long time, we have only talked about personal recovery from addiction. But now we need to talk about social reform. Because something went wrong with us as a group. We have to build a society which looks very much like Rath Park and is very less like those separate cages. The unnatural way we live in, we have to change and we will have to find each other again. There is no restraint against the addiction; There is an opposite relationship of addiction.


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