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Starting Any Thing After Getting Motivated But Can’t Continue For Long Time! – How To Overcome This Problem

We all Know that getting motivated now a day is quite easy for starting up a new business startup or start learning new courses or making any change in your life. This is because you will get many motivational speakers and videos and movies around your self but have you ever noticed that after some period of time that motivational is destroyed due to some situation that happens in the life and we all get depressed and we leave that change or the startup at that point and same thing happens again new motivation new thing and again.

Actually i got a solution for this and i learned it from my own mistakes. now when we know that we are motivated and start any thing we have the full energy inside us and actually whenever we start anything new we always follow someone mark that always. Now as we follow someone we some how want to reach their level and we don’t have actually patience and we indirectly skip the step to reach their level and due to which after some point we get failed and so we can’t accept it due to which we leave that work.

I could explain it with an example suitable to it. let us say we are somehow motivated and decided to develop own application with full advancement and we start it now consider the steps to complete the application is a-z. Now we start to learn c, c++, java … and so on as required for development. Now we all know when some boring part comes to the learning for ex:- file management in all the languages which is generally boring for everyone we just skip that or learn it without focusing i.e. skipping steps c,d,e… and when we get to the final development stage we don’t know how to collect data from your application and due to which you again get demotivated and gets bored with that.

Now simple solution for this is to never to skip the steps for achieving your goal yes not to do hard work do smart work but also don’t do shortcut work. just decide one thing before starting it that whatever happens i won’t skip any step or won’t take shortcut. Now also never focus on the result or the output you will be getting because the result never matters the thing that matters is the journey towards your result. Now don’t stop just start working accordingly as success doesn’t matters. All the best to all of you

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