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Best Scope For I.T/Computer Engineers-Securing Data

At present the data is quiet secured as there is not much data to be handled. Not much data because the technologies like AI(Artificial Intelligence)IoT(Internet of Things) and other technologies are still in development and advancing day by day. Now why the scope in data securing?


You would have heard about the upcoming technology related to IoT i.e. Beacons which would be used in malls, hospitals etc. which will collect all users data (data in form of which shops visited in mall, which products bought, which doctor consulted in hospital, which disease treatment was going on) from their devices by connecting it with WiFi/Bluetooth. Now imagine collecting this much data is easy and storing is also easy. But securing them is a challenging task which would be a large requirement for the IT industries-Now Why to Secure it?

If these data accidentally goes to the political Industries it would be a big threat. Let us take the example of Hospitals, After collecting all data from all users it has been arranged according to disease name and so on. It is easily to trace which disease is maximum and which is minimum and in what time period it is cured and which disease are incurable. Now suppose these data is leaked to the pharmaceutical companies then it would be the most dangerous things. Similarly not only for hospitals even malls and every other places the data has to be safe for some purposes. So this is the best scope for IT/Computer Engineers. Please Share This If You like This.

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