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Intel’s Smart Glass (VAUNT)-Is It Smart Enough?

Today there are many smart glasses available in the market from giant industries like google, nvidia etc. They all are kind of same glasses with extra weight to it and sensors which are visible easily which is not quiet comfortable so it can be used for some times for just fun purpose but not with new Intel’s Smart glass


Intel’s new smart glass is very simple and normal with weight of only 50 gms. It is designed to just give you very simple basic information through a very little Red Monochrome Projector that shines an image on a holographic mirror thing which then bounces it directly into eyeballs so one doesn’t need to focus on it, it’s just sort of down there but the best part when you are not looking down at the display it completely disappears so it’s not distracting you. Projector uses VCSEL(Vertical-Cavity-Surface-Emitting-Laser) instead of simple laser which is so low power and is absolutely safe for eyes For More Details check out the video below.

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