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Facebook breaks the privacy scandal to release a smart camera that lets you shoot in your house

On Monday morning, Facebook announced the portal, a new hardware component similar to an iPad that allows people to video chat with friends through social networks. As a video released by the company says, a moving camera built in the device can track your movements to ensure that you are in the frame during the conversation. You know, the right thing will be excited to buy any appropriate person right now from Facebook. The product started with numerous high profile scams, which have frightened Facebook this year. Only a few weeks ago, the company confirmed security violations by hackers affected by 50 million accounts. One day before, reporting from Gizmodo expanded the company’s aggressive advertising practices. In April, the Cambridge Analyte data-mining crisis publicized Mark Zuckerberg in the United States Senate in a stressful and highly Washington DC.


Contrary to everything given by Facebook, Portal and its large equivalent portal + respectively, you may be worth $ 199 and $ 349 respectively. The portal’s rollout speaks to the company’s ambition to do business in hardware, in addition to web content. It draws parallelism of Facebook’s unfortunate partnership with HTC, which twice brings the back-in market on the smartphone with Facebook App. (Zuckerberg had promised that Facebook will be a big deal in 2011, but now you’re not catching one, do not you?) The portal comes with AI-enabled smart camera and sound, Alexa of Alexa is your home assistant Works in The company ensures that the cameras of the portal run locally and not on the Facebook server. Users can also disable the portal’s microphone or physically shutter your camera in Zuckerberg style. In other words, Facebook maintains that your data will be yours-which is every reason to take you like a cold rest.


Already in the world of video chat apps and the home-assisted world, an additional part of Facebook is late for the party and seeing the last night of the PR Nightmare Company is reaching with the weird time. And it is to say that nothing of Facebook’s business model does syphon your data for advertising revenue when it does not take data on external sources. At the top of them all, the portal sets fire to the general (but mostly uninterrupted) conspiracy theory, that Facebook’s app monitors conversations to target people with ads. But even if you are still using Facebook despite all those things which are probably coming out, then perhaps it really makes sense to dive in all the ways.

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