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Why Nokia Failed? – Read More

Nokia was one of the top leading companies of 90’s when it first launched its flip phone which made Nokia the king of the market but at the same time Oppo, Vivo, Samsung and other companies around 2005 were working on the new O.S(Operating System) i.e. Android and it was an open source due to which every other companies started its development in android. While Nokia had its market so large and company was expanded widely but it was not flexible enough to accept any change or new development easily as it would cost extremely for redevelopment.


All the companies were turning their paths towards android while Nokia due to its large market didn’t shift from java and continued in it but after 2006 the market value of Nokia suddenly fell at a very fast speed as android became much famous where Samsung took over the market. Though some how Nokia redeveloped and shifted to new o.s. with Microsoft i.e. windows which was a quite successful for sometime but it also failed in 2013 because windows has limited function of flexibility as not many apps were available and was not so flexible, where as android was completely flexible and any one could develop their apps easily and update it due to this reason, android took the market even crushing down IOS and blackberry between 2014-16 in which the top android mobile company was Samsung. Then after Nokia again shifted to android where already Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Motorola companies started ruling and this companies were giving a lot of options according to budgets as compared to Nokia and also as Nokia failed once, the trust of the people had already broken. This is the reason why Nokia Failed.

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