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Retina Display

The second category of progress in the display system, retina display itself as the name indicates the display of the image directly on the retina. Instead of using some intermediate objects for lighting reflection to project images, this display directly projects the image on the retina. The user will understand that the display is moving freely in space. Retina display is commonly known as retinal scan display and retina projector. This display allows short light emission, consistent light and narrowband colour. Let us tell you about this display with the help of the following block diagram. The block diagram of the virtual retina display has the following blocks: Photon generation, Intensity modulation, Beam scanning, Optical projection and Drive electronics. Photon generation generates consistent beams of block light; This photon source uses laser diodes as a compatible source with a retinal display to give a diffraction on the human eye’s retina. The light intensity generated from the photon source is modulated. The intensity of the beam of the light is modulated to match the intensity of the image.


Modulated beam beams are scanned by scanning. Using this scanning block, the image is placed on the retina. In this beam scanner, there are two types of scanning modes: raster mode and vector mode. After the scanning process, an optical projection is used to present beams like spots on the retina of the eye. The eye focused spot is sketched in the form of an image. Drive electronics used on photon generator and intensity modular are used for synchronization of scanners, modular and incoming video signals. These displays are made available in the market using MEMS technology.


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