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Screen-less Display – Will This Be The Future of Displays?

Nowadays technological progress is increasing rapidly. The latest display technology-touch screen display, which is usually used in our smartphones and tablet computers, will be in history only in the future. Screenless display, emerging new display technology will replace this touchscreen environment and solve problems at a higher level, making life more comfortable. The main purpose of the screenless display is to display or broadcast information without the help of a screen or projector. Using this display, we can project images directly on the human retina, open space and even the human brain. This prevents the need for high weight hardware and it will provide privacy at a higher rate. The area came into progress during the year 2013 due to the introduction of mobile products for holographic video, virtual reality headset, retina display, eye tap etc. At present, we can say that only one part of screenless display technology has been introduced, which means that more progress is required for the growth of technology. The lack of space is a major problem faced by the screen display. This problem will definitely provide a path to the screenless display.


What is a Screen-less Display?

The screenless display was an excellent idea, which came in many experts to solve major problems related to the device miniaturization. Lower space screen display has made the need for more screenless display than ever before. Screenless, as the word suggests clearly ‘any screen’. Therefore, the screenless display can be defined as a display that helps in displaying and even transmitting any information without the help of the screen. When will the screenless display be fully available? This question is not yet liable because many developments are only under the forum. Since the display is capable of projecting 3D images in the space, many losses of 2D and screen-based displays can be avoided. It can be thought of as a projector without a film to display its character. By using this excellent technique, we can make our smartphone a TV too. The countdown for the first screenless display has started now from the month of May 2014. Screenless display currently uses interactive projection technology with a visual display and 3D projection technology.


Screenless performance advantages and disadvantages

Products related to this emerging technology bring many advantages compared to existing products with outdated technology. Keeping images in mind, the current screenless display has the ability to present 3D images, distant point images and an image with high resolution. Good glow and contrast and large angles of the scene are other important advantages. With the increasing use of screenless products, we can expect a reduction in costs in the coming future. Providing less power consumption, lightweight, and better secrecy All smart screen display products have some basic advantages. The screenless display will enhance the entertainment area at a great level.

Facing losses are basically high costs and limited availability of screenless display products. Most techniques outside the screenless display are in development phase only. Many problems related to eyesight can arise as products need close contact with eyes.

Types of Screenless Display

The screenless display technology is divided into three main categories: (Click on the types to know more about it)

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