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Artificial General Intelligence – Advancing in AI

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that deals with the creation of intelligent systems. Intelligent systems are those systems that have intelligence as humans. The science of artificial intelligence is not new, the artificial intelligence word has been mentioned in ancient Greece and Egyptian manuscripts. According to Greek mythology, Greeks believe that Hephaestus, also known as Greek mythology, has made the intelligent weapon for all the gods, in his view, the goal of artificial intelligence is this: for people a certain Being able to achieve the goal, to be able to react differently depending on the situation, to operate automatically and to To be programmed in a limited way. Well, the Entrepreneurial Intelligence has become popular in the field of word entertainment, we can see many movies based on the concept of Super Intelligence. But artificially intelligent systems that we see today do not match with “super intelligent” systems.


The generalized human cognitive abilities are represented in artificial common intelligence (AIG) software so that, to face an unfamiliar task, the AI system can get the solution. An AIG system can do any work that the human enablers. The AGI, sometimes known as a strong AI, involves a system with extensive knowledge and cognitive computing capabilities as if its performance is not at least different from the human in those conditions. However, AIG’s comprehensive intellectual capabilities will be enhanced far beyond human capabilities by the ability to reach and process large amounts of data at incredible speed. Strong AI contrasts with weak AI, which is the use of artificial intelligence for specific tasks or types of problems. IBM’s Watson Supercomputer, expert systems and auto driving cars are all examples of weak or narrow AIs. Even in the current state of technology, the system’s ability to access and process data is impressive: ROSS, a legal expert system sometimes called an AI lawyer, data about data from almost one billion text documents Can analyze information, and provide accurate feedback in complex questions in less than three seconds.


An Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) will be a machine that will be able to understand the world as well as any person and to fulfil a wide range of tasks with the same capacity to learn. Fictional portrayals of the AIG differ widely, although the distortions of intelligent machines point to vision or make humanity slaves, as seen in films such as The Matrix or Terminator. In such stories, the AIG is often bowed down on the indifference towards human suffering or the destruction of mankind. On the contrary, Utopian fantasies such as Utopian fantasies of culture civilian novels of Uren M banks fired AIG as liberal patrons, liberated parallel societies from suffering, where residents can pursue their passion and technology progress at the speed of breathing. Do these ideas get the similarity of the real world AIG, it is not known because such things have not been created, or, according to many people working in the area of AI, there is also close to formation.


Due to the lack of a clear route of AIG, it is difficult to pin. Today the machine-learning system reduces online services, allowing computer users to recognize the language, understand speech, spot face and describe photos and videos. These recent successes, and high profile successes such as the domination of the infamous complex game of Alfano, the Impression Society can track rapidly for the development of AGE. Nevertheless, the systems used today are generally a one-note, after extensive training, excellence in the same work, but nothing else is worthless for anything else. Their nature is very different for a common intelligence which can do any work that is asked about it, and as such these narrow AIs are not necessarily taking stones for the development of AIG. The recent report, co-authored by Yow Shoham of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, highlighted the limited capabilities of today’s narrow AI. “However, the machine can display stellar performance on a certain task, but if the work is slightly modified then the performance can decrease dramatically.” “For example, a Chinese who can read Chinese characters, can understand Chinese speech, knows something about Chinese culture and can make good recommendations even in Chinese restaurants. On the contrary, each of these tasks There will be a very different AI system. ”

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