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Is Success Really Important To All Of Us?

Today all humanity is racing towards the success, everyone wants to be a successful person in their life but have you ever imagined that after you achieved success then what? Then we will set another goal, bigger than previous one and want to achieve that success again. Now it is similar to the craze of money, Everyone knows that its not good to have it as it never ends, If today we have crores then we want millions, it never satisfies us which is the same thing that happens in Success, goals are set and achieved one after another. It is good to have goals in life and to achieve success but we never should focus on success. Success never matters as even the failure person has achieved some level of success in his life, its just he has given up.


We should always focus on our work and our character. Character not what other sees but what are you actually from inside, not the one to be shown its just like the nature. whatever hard work you do and even if you achieve the success every time but what if you are not satisfied with yourself? What if you have a guilt in your heart? that this could have been done this way or if this path I could have chosen. This type of success and hard work is similar to craze of money. One should be proud of his decisions that after achieving success and doing hard-works when you look back at your self You are looking at it with the proud in your eyes that “Yess I did it” that is the real outcome of success. That is achieved by one’s inner character, Always be your self and if you are proud of your self from now don’t change it for achieving success or getting goals because You are You and don’t let anyone to change your self only If you are really proud of it. Please share and comment if you like. 😊🤗


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