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Top 10 Upcoming Games Of 2019 – (PS4/XB1/PC)

This is the list of the top 10 upcoming games of 2019 and the list and the ranking of the games are according to my point of view and this would conflict with your point of view and so please don’t mind as this is only for the advertisement. also, note that the dates included may vary and are not the exact dates for the release of the games. So let’s start the top 10 upcoming games of 2019 list:-

1. Resident Evil 2-January 25,2019 (ps4/xb1/pc)

It has been 16 years since Capem first resident Evil Remembered for the GameCube, but any plan to resume its acclaimed sequel fell off the path. But after last year’s resident Evil VII, the fans and sales records were flown, the time came for a spectacular return to the Rack City. At Soni’s e3 stage, Capcom revealed that the remake for Resident Evil 2 was coming out on January 25, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The trailer showed to many missed heroes Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, as well as a glimpse of their respective rivals, Trenchcoat-shaped Mr X and heavy extinct William Burkin. While the game trailer started on Sony’s stream, and the PlayStation Account unknowingly announced that it will launch on PS4 next January, the official resident Evil Twitter, tweeted that it was coming to Xbox One and PC the same day is.

2. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2-March 15,2019 (ps4/xb1/pc)

Ubisoft unveils the Division 2, which will continue its post-apocalyptic online open-world shooter-RPG series. This time, the players will be fighting to survive- and to establish an order in Washington DC. Unlike the snowy New York City of the first game, it seems a pleasant place, different from the virus and all the gangs and groups killed each other. Here, see the first lump of Gameplay footage in UD display below a display video. And of course, you bet your boat, in which players include Ha Ha Haemophilus written. Division 2 has been prepared to launch March 15, 2019

3. The Sinking City-march 21,2019 (ps4/xb1/pc)

Sinking City is a game of genre testing style in a fantasy open world, inspired by HP’s work. Lovecraft, The player takes a personal investigator in the 1920’s, who finds himself in the city of New England, Aumont, Massachusetts. At present, it is suffering from extensive water flow, and the reason is obviously supernatural. The city trembles on the verge of insanity. Can you examine this bizarre city and confuse the tragic border of its failures or will you go ahead with insanity?

4. Remnant: From The Ashes 2019(ps4/xb1/pc)

The world is in ruins. Only one remain of humankind remain, which hunts for the extinction of horrors from any other world. As one of the few survivors, you will be able to incorporate the portals into superb areas to collect the necessary resources and fire-fighting to fight back and retrieve things that are lost. Remnant: The survival-action game of the third person from Ashes has been set in the post-apocalyptic world cover-up by mythical creatures. This game offers players and their three friends a unique, customizable gameplay experience filled with intense shooting and matches milies, gear and weapon crafting, character progression and dynamically generated levels, which are an infinite number of ways to explore and take Provides deadly monsters and epic owners.


5. Just Cause 4-2019(ps4/xb1/pc)

Square Enix brought more than just the Kingdom Hearts for Microsoft’s pre-E3 2018 press conference – Just Coz 4 is also there. Rico has returned, once again with some attitude of guns and attitude, he is parachute in some destructive warzone. Quick Trailer showed some new-gene powered gameplay, which had many driving, shooting, explosions and impressive weather effects because our heroes had fallen directly into Tornado. This game is set to be released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on December 4, so at least this is a title that we will not wait until Q1 2019. A gameplay trailer has shown Just Cause 4 in the event, but you should look down for the “Welcome to Just Cause 4” video which runs deeper with the developers of Avalanche Studios (the 80’s themed robot shooter generation zero Is also behind this) explaining about what’s new this time. This time this game is on a group’s home turf, which is shown in the previous games called The Black Hand. There will be four different biomes, and the concept of “power of nature” plays a big role. Rico’s Grapple Hook is definitely included, but with this time there is also more physics-based moves to make the players messy.

6. Generation Zero-2019(ps4/xb1/pc)

Avalanche Studios yesterday after tampering the game, the company behind Just Cause today revealed that Generation Zero is to be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 2019. The self-published game allows people to team up with three friends for alone play or co-session. Generation will present a day-night cycle with zero weather conditions. Avalanche is using the Apex engine for the game and it promises that the player robots can “crave, cripple or destroy enemies”. Some types of robbery mechanics also appear in the game.

7. Hitman 2-2019(ps4/xb1/pc)

After several weeks of reports and leakage, a new announcement trailer for Hitman 2 was released today. E3 was confirmed for the release date of Hitman 2, 2019, breaking the general declaration wave in 2019. The first trailer told about his business during the famous killer motor race, in many different ways shown to eliminate the target in hand. “Uncover the past of the proxy shadow client because you track your goals in 6 new foreign locations and improve the biggest killings in franchise history,”


8. Shadow Of The Tomb Raider-2019(ps4/xb1/pc)

The high emotions, high share, high shore, the shadow of the tomb climb is linked to a three-game story arc that looks to resume one of the most influential characters in video game history, which is actually the tomb climb chain Makes fun Crystal Dynamics’ 2013 Tomb Raider Reboot kept Lara Croft back on Square One, in which there was no good faith that we would expect the character. It was a competent, yet weak finder who was performing his best to survive, save the world from the evil paramilitary organizations alone, although he was naturally ending both. Three years after the follow-up sequence, the shadow of Tomb Raider (Xbox One, PS4, and PC) sends Lara to Latin America in search of Maya artefact hunted by her late father. Quite a lot of graves, some great receipts about the past of his family, and a real Maya apocalypse to boot.

9. The Dark Pictures-2019(ps4/xb1/pc)

For those who are scared of fearing their pixelated kick, Bandai Namco has covered you with The Dark Pictures. Unless the Don joins the team with the team from behind, supersonic games for those who are not knowledgeable, a new series of horror games are thick and fast to start with Man of Maiden. This first instalment was announced today with a proper slash trailer, in which the game was tagged for release in 2019. As long as Don Graphics is not auspicious and lifelong, and the story itself seems straight from Hollywood, studio or at least one conspiracy classic, the turning point of tribute and creativity. Players will have to switch between four American tourists who, in some cases, seem like the most deadly sea-courageous adventure.

10. A Plague Tale: Innocence-2019(ps4/xb1/pc)

PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC Developed by Esobo Studio, A Plague Tale: Innocence will provide an adventure supported by an original scenario, in which action, adventure and stealth steps will be mixed with gameplay. Follow our hero Amicia and his younger brother Hugo, both the orphans and escape from the terrible investigation. Our young heroes will also need to survive against another threat: the supernatural herds of rats that appear along with the great plague in the cities and rural areas. Participating in the investigation is an original story of two young orphans. A gameplay that connects action, adventure and stealth steps. Survive against a great danger: the supernatural herd of rats appearing with great plague

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