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Ferrofluid – Know Everything About It!

The Ferrofluid looks like a concept from a bad science-fiction movie, which is a black, shaped-transfer metal liquid, which runs and creates spikes using magnetic fields. But the product of the Ferrofluid is not tricky; It is one of the most exciting materials emerging in real time and modern times. Ferrofluids are composed of small magnetic fragments of suspended iron in the oil. The particles, which have an average size of about 100Å (10 nm), are coated with a permanent dispenser agent which prevents particle collection, even if a strong magnetic field is applied to the Ferrofluid(used in neodymium). The surfactant should match the career type and the attractive van der Waals and magnetic force must be removed between the particles. Critical and thermal stability critical for many applications is greatly influenced by the choice of surfactant.


In a normal Ferrofluid, the volume can be 5% magnetic solid, 10% surfactant and 85% carrier. In the absence of a magnetic field, magnetic moments of particles are randomly distributed and there is no pure magnetism of the fluid. When a magnetic field is applied to Ferrofluid, the magnetic moments of the particles are almost immediately with the field lines. The magnetism of Ferrofluid responds quickly to the changes applied a magnetic field and when the applied field is removed, the moments are quickly randomized. In a gradient area, the whole liquid reacts in the form of a homogeneous magnetic fluid which goes into the field of the highest flow. This means that Ferrofluids can be controlled properly by the external magnetic field. The forces containing magnetic fluid are proportional to the magnetism value of the outer area’s slope and the fluid. This means that the retention force of Ferrofluid can be adjusted either by changing the magnetization of the fluid or magnetic field in the area.


For the first time NASA first developed Ferrofluid during the research methods of using fluid in space in the 1960s, but in the 21st century, Ferrofluid has gained new levels of fame. In recent years, Ferrofluid has become somewhat YouTube sensation, because it is due to the imaginative shapes that it can only use the magnetic field. A big example of this is shown below. However, Ferrofluid is not just an Internet curio, its underlying viability opens to a whole range of applications which are discussed later in more detail. There are many commercial applications for Ferrofluid speaker and hard drives are the most common. Ferrofluid prevents debris from entering the hard drive when placed in small quantities between the debris and the shaft. In the case of speaker Ferrofluids remove the heat from the voice coils and help reduce the cone movement.

The thermal stability of Ferrofluid is related to particle density. The particles behave like catalysts and produce free radicals, which lead to the molecular chain and ultimately add to the congealing of the fluid. The catalyst activity is high at high temperatures and therefore, Ferrofluid grow rapidly at these temperatures. High magnetism is of Ferrofluids because they generate quantitative capacity for forwarding magnetic circuit design towards the light and low-cost products. They can also be used to reduce the reluctance of the magnetic circuit and the fringing area, thereby increasing the useful flow density in air intervals. Magnetite’s domain magnetism ultimately limits the maximum magnetic value that can be felt in Ferrofluid.

Applications Of Ferrofluids:-

1. Audio Loud Speakers
2. Domain Detection
3. Bio-Medical
4. Sensors, Switches & Solenoid
5. Ferrofluid For Seals
6. Education
7. For Curing Cancers, Heat transfer, Analytical instrumentation, Art, Aerospace

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