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Supersonic Submarines – The US Army’s Next Invention

Supersonic Submarine

Introduction Supersonic Submarines

As the swimmers know, due to the clean ocean walking through the water, there can be a problem for drags and submarines in large quantities, this is another problem. However, US Navy-funded researchers say that they have a simple solution to be a bubble. Researchers at the Penn State Applied Research Laboratory are developing a new system using the technique called perquisition. The new idea is based on Soviet techniques developed during the Cold War. It is called perquisition, it covers a submerged vessel inside an air bubble to avoid problems caused by water pulling. A Soviet Supercavitation torpedo called Sheowal, capable of reaching a speed of 370 km / h or more than any other traditional torpedo. In theory, a superquetucting vessel sound can reach the water or speed of 5,800 km / h. According to a report from the California Institute of Technology in 2001, it will reduce the travel time for a transatlantic underwater cruise in less than an hour and for travel time of approximately 100 minutes. However, the result of this technique happens with a rough ride – the new team has solved something. Grant M. Skidmore recently said Penn State PhD, “Basically supercavitation is used to reduce drag and increase body speed in water. Recipients in aerospace engineering.


Understanding Supersonic Submarines

The submarines air the dreams of sailors around the world. Being able to secret, steal, and strike from anywhere, they remain the biggest threat to surface ships. Thankfully, submarines are limited only by the same speed in which they can move fast, usually with a top speed of 29 miles per hour (46 km), which is 40 miles per hour (64 km) special destroyers At the top speed is less. Bending behind their potential prey, submarines should generally lurk in their targets or in the streets of the ocean and the enemy should wait for them to stumble. But what if the subsets can move very fast, which they currently do? Hello and welcome to another episode of Infographics Show – Today we are putting a look at the supersonic submarines – the new superpipe in the US Navy. Walking underwater can be more difficult and energy intensive than the rotation with the surface, thanks to the drag in large quantities that the water is exhausted on a vessel and the submersible in the water of a submarine faces the depth, Dive from Thus while the speedboat can zip with the surface Anything traveling undersea waves at a speed of 90 miles per hour (150 km) Increase in large amounts of energy to move rapidly – in some traditional form Unable to do submarines. Yet in June this year, it was discovered that Chinese hackers stole sensitive data from an American contractor who was working on a top-secret program to develop a supersonic missile to launch the submarine.

Need Of Supersonic Submarines

While the data was only sensitive to nature and was not classified, it was indicated on a major occasion of research that the US was doing, and indicated that the U.S. Navy was not interested in supersonic missiles, but also supersonic submarines. However, for the US / China supervisors, the revelation was not surprising, because in 2014 China had made heavy technical breakthroughs in developing its supersonic submarines. But can you move the submarine with huge amounts of energy through water at supersonic speed or can destroy the ship completely in the first place? Let’s take a look at both the US and China views on this problem. American proposition includes using something called perquisition – a technique that was developed for the super-fast torpedoes in the 1960s. To move a torpedo at a distance of one hundred kilometres, the Soviet approach was to add a special section to the cone of the torpedo filled with a pressurized gas, which in turn extinguishes the gas at very high pressure and Creates a bubble around torpedo. A rocket motor, instead of a conventional propeller, pushes torpedoes after it, and since it stops pulling with water, the torpedo can reach incredible speed. The design was a success, but due to the need to maintain the gas bubble, the range of torpedoes was only a few miles away.

Supersonic Submarines Actual Capacity

By increasing the technique dramatically, the US hopes that it will be capable of converting a full submarine into a gas bubble, and then using powerful rocket motors to blast across the sea at a faster pace. The physics involved shows that the concept can work and already works on small, torpedo scales, so far the US has been unable to overcome many obstacles. One of the difficulties in maintaining the integrity of a large enough bubble around the submarine and keeping it dangerously ‘pulsed’. During the present, small-scale testing, expansion of bubbles and such extremes were contracted that parts of the submarine model made constant contact with water. At extreme speeds that will be disastrous and can separate a submarine, or at the very least, it will create friction that the submarine will be wildly switched off. To overcome the problem, scientists are using the tip of the submarine to control the release rate of the gas. China’s approach to the problem uses traditional supercavitation techniques with a new technique in which to reduce its friction involves spraying a special liquid membrane on the hood with water. The vessel will gradually accelerate with this membrane, it will be sprayed continuously as it was worn. Once the distance of 62 miles per hour (100 km) is reached, an air bubble can be constructed and maintained. In the solution of China, the use of a kind of synthetic lubricant will be required to help a vessel ‘slip’ through the water.


It provides a potential fix to one of the biggest practical challenges facing supervising ships: how do you run it? Walking at such an incredible speed, if you were to expand a fin or control surface in the water, it would be closed immediately, and the force thrust could throw your submarine in a spin, Will cause. Yet sugar can reduce the flow of its liquid membrane, to ensure that one side of the submarine bubble draws slightly more than the other, as well as flowing at the speed of the sound as well as twisting, diving or Allows to rise. If it really works, then it will be an elegant solution for one of the biggest practical hurdles facing this whole concept. Nevertheless, a supersonic submarine will not be made for very aggressive weapons because submarines are actually very weak properties which are the best defence. A submarine crossing the ocean at supersonic speed may be able to reach San Francisco in Shanghai within 100 minutes, but it will generate so much noise that a deaf sailor will also hear it. It will make a supersonic sub very easy prey for surface anti-submarine ships, or other hostile attacks. This is the reason that technology will not be used for aggressive purposes, but will be for logical people. The supersonic sub-region which can cross the Pacific in just one hour will consider moving personnel and resources in the conflict areas quickly and will be incredibly attractive to America, which will help its NATO partners in Europe. To face the possibility of coming. The war against Russia.

Supersonic Submarines In War

For decades, Russia has reaffirmed the fact that in the case of war, it may be able to quickly implement European ceasefire by enforcing a ceasefire favourable to its interests, and then reach the weeks of US in the bulk of US forces. Before digging can be done. Faced with the possibility of a tough war against an enemy, and will cause mass casualties, Nato may be more interested in receiving part of Russia’s demands rather than waging a more expensive war. Still, under a supersonic water transport vehicle With the ability to move large amounts of personnel to the US, all that can change And equipment throughout the Atlantic across the Atlantic. This will make the American buildup possible in days, but instead of weeks, it is currently required to send US attack helicopters and armour across the ocean. This will also provide a fast transport system American leaders have dreamed of a potential they have been seeing for decades. Within almost hours the land anywhere in the world. As once a US military officer mentioned, the Within a few hours there will be the ability to place a company of American Infantry anywhere in the world Stop many wars before starting. Supersonic submarines can be revolutionary Equipment for the Navy of any nation, yet the technical challenges are formidable and it is unlikely That they will be away at any time soon. Some people worry that finding American secrets China can erase US military front on its potential opponent, but it continues The theft of low-level mysteries by Chinese hackers points to a culture that is more determined to steal revolutionary new technologies than to discover new things. There is a matter of serious concern for Chinese military planners. Will you ever ride on the supersonic sub? Can other military use be a supersonic
Is the submarine?

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