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Cure Aging – Optimizing Life-span To Health-span

Cure Aging

How Cure Aging Is Possible?

As people are old, their bones start to become brittle, their brains become sluggish, and their organs sometimes fail gradually. But scientists now feel that these unpleasant side effects of aging can be prevented at least in rats. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic think that they have identified a rogue cell, which acts like bacteria in the body, which can lead to most age-related diseases. These cells are called cement cells, and they produce over time. If someone has a lot of these, then these cells can refuse to die and can go to a disastrous crack within the human body, kill other cells which they come in contact. Scientists at the Mayo Clinic found that they could destroy rodent cells to destroy and even prevent the side effects of aging in rodents. The findings published on Monday in Nature Medicine showed that the rat lived up to 36 per cent longer. “This is awesome research,” said Scientist. “Additional research will be necessary to determine that the compounds, as used in this study, are safe and effective in people with clinical trials.” Old age, we know, is a type of chronic disease that almost does not get through anybody. Deeply unpredictability Most people, who reach the upper end of average human life, at some point, the diseases start to accumulate. For the most deadly maladies of elderly heart disease and cancer. The relationship between age and disease is logarithmic. , The risk of contracting a chronic illness does not increase.


Cure Aging Researches

A decade ago, on a bicycle trip in Bordeaux, Cantor met a person named Nir Barzilai and both became friends. A former Israeli army drug, which is now director of the Institute for Aging Research in New York at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Barzillai has become a globetrotting evangelist for being known as “gerosyclic hypothesis”: It is the idea that if You use medicines to target the underlying biological mechanism of aging, you can also delay, or completely stop, The cascade of illness that occurs with the end of typical human life. For the past several years, an effort is being made in the field of gerontology to carry out the FDA-approved drug targetting agenda; The drug under consideration is not a new wonder tablet, but a drug of metformin called: a simple, normal, usually chalky-white tablet in which some money is a pigeon. Cantor was already familiar with metformin, but not as an anti-aging remedy; It was determined by the local weight loss clinic. A few years ago, overwhelmed by his friend’s work on aging, he left the topic of longevity. “During dinner, I said to Neer, I know you, I am leaving this weight loss clinic, which means that they will stop preventing metformin. But I think I would like to stay in it. Barzillai wrote herself a prescription, and Cantor now takes the Metformin off-label in the hope that it will provide her with some extra years of life or at least health.

Cure Aging In Progress

Health is the most valuable thing in our lives, but we forget that until we lose it. We are living longer than ever, which is great, but its unexpected result is that we spend a large and big part of our life even when we are sick. Currently being old means spending more time in pain. Therefore, the attention of the scientific medical community, from lifelong health to healthcare, is trying to reach that part of our life, during which we are free from disease. To do this, we need to attack the root cause of almost all physical defects: old age itself. For most people, the science of aging has made great progress in the last few years, human trials are going to start in the near future. Let’s look at three examples of discoveries that can benefit those people who are still alive, who are now Senecasive cells. Your cells have an expiration date. Whenever you have a cell divide, it mimics your chromosomes. Due to working this way, they lose a small DNA at the ends. It can be frightening, so to protect ourselves, we have long sections of DNA which are called telomeres which act as stiff bits at the end of the shovels, but they shrink with every cell division. In some cells, after several divisions, telomerase goes away, and the cell becomes a zombie, a sense cell. The constant cells stay around and do not die. The larger you become of them, the ones are within you. They harm the surrounding tissues and are associated with many diseases which are associated with the failure of diabetes and kidneys along with old age.


But what if you can kill them? Scientists genetically engineered rats so that they could be happy to destroy their Senate cells. Older mice were more active without consent cells. Their heart and kidneys worked better, and they had less risk of cancer. Overall, they lived 30 per cent longer and better in comparison to the average mice. Since we can not genetically engineer all the cells in the human body, we need to find another way to get rid of our sensor cells. But how do we kill healthy cells without harming them? When most of the cells in the body get damaged, programmed cells commit suicide, but the constant cells do not. It has come to know that they reduce a protein which tells them that it is time to die. So at the end of 2016, mice were given an injection of this protein in a study. It killed 80% of all their consent cells, while healthy cells almost did not cause any harm. The treated mice usually become healthy and even get rid of lost hair again. Consequently, there are many new companies that are looking at the treatments associated with Senate cells and the first human test will start soon. 2: NAD + cells are made up of millions of crores of parts. They are the catalyst making structures, machines, messages and reactions. All these parts are required to be constantly destroyed, cleaned and re-formed.

Benefits Of Cure Aging

As we age, this process becomes less effective and therefore the parts are crumbled, crumbled, or slow removed, or they are no longer produced in the quantities we need. One of these parts is NAD +, a coenzyme that tells itself to take care of itself. At the age of 50, there are about half in our body, which we do at the age of 20. Its lesser amounts are related to many diseases like skin cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis. But NAD + cannot enter the cells, so we can not get it in the form of a pill. But scientists notice that other more flexible substances can enter the cells and then they will turn into NAD +. In 2016, many tests on rats showed that they increased the production of skin, brain and muscle stem cells. He was rejuvenated, his ability to repair his DNA was high, and there was a little extended lifetime, NASA was also interested in it, which is searching for a way to reduce DNA damage, which astronauts On Mars missions will be exposed to cosmic radiation. Now a human test is being planned, but it is too early to say whether it will boost our health or life. But NAD + is a serious candidate and can be the first anti-human pill tablet. 3: Stem cell stem cell cells are like blueprints that sit at various places in the body and copy themselves to produce a stable flow of fresh young cells, but they decrease according to age and That’s why we also fall.

Without the new parts, the human body is broken. In rats, scientists noticed that as soon as the stem cells disappeared in their brain, they started to develop diseases, so they took stem cells from the brain of the baby rats and injected them directly into the middle-aged rats, Especially the hypothalamus, a polyp which is involved in regulating a lot of physical functions. Fresh stem cells re-strengthen the old brain cells by secreting the micro-RNA regulating their brain. After 4 months, the brain and the muscles worked better than the untreated mice, and on average, they survived for ten per cent longer. In another study, stem cells were taken from the embryo of the mice and they were injected directly into the hearts of the old mice. As a result, he improved heart function, could exercise up to 20% longer, and weirdly his hair had returned rapidly. Conclusion It all tells us that there is not even a magic bullet to cure aging. This requires a complex array of different therapies. We can kill the Senate cells to remove the junk while filling the medication while regulating the metabolism of other cells, can give new stem cells themselves to fill the gap. This video comes with a large cavity. After all, these studies have been done on rats. There is no guarantee that only one therapy will work for us to the same extent, but they are evidence of concepts. To learn more about how we can modify our own health, we need human tests. We have only covered a small part of the research that is being done, and only scratched the surface of these ideas. The area of Health page Extension requires more attention and funding. If this happens, we can all enjoy being old without pain.

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