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Initiative Q – The Replacement To Bitcoin – More Secure

Introduction To Initiative Q

Initiative Q is still in the early days, and all your Q can be used in approximately one US dollar per q. Initiative Q. Roadmap is based on a series of steps towards the widespread use of Qt currency. Each stage is designed so that the participants will see their fulfilment as a logical decision after the completion of the previous stage and the Q incentives they received. Nevertheless, there are many risks and challenges in this roadmap, and there is no guarantee that any of these steps will be completed successfully.

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Is It A Currency Worth?

Each Q Network member wants to know how QS can be valuable. If the initiative succeeds in creating the world’s leading payment network, then it is expected that all the quotes reserved for the members today will eventually be given at the cost of almost one US dollar per q. The following economic models describe the argument and logic of the system: Q is used to maintain the long-term value of the Q with the development of the network. The value of money is influenced by many factors. The equation of the exchange represents “velocity of money”, which is defined as the total expenditure (or income) in that currency, which is divided by money supply (the total amount of money in circulation). The world’s total economic activity is approximately $ 100 trillion, and the total amount in the world is between 40 to 90 trillion dollars (based on the definition of wealth). It gives the global average velocity of around 2 paise, which indicates that each unit of currency changes hands almost twice a year. In other words, people at any given time have the same amount of money (or procurement) of half a year. Therefore, in order to assess the value of all the Q, we need to estimate the amount of transaction on the network as well as the speed of money. The result of dividing the economic activity estimation in the case of successful market adoption (5-20 trillion dollars) by velocity estimates (2-12) results in a total value of half trillion to $ 10 trillion dollars.

Comparing With Cryptocurrency

An alternative approach to estimating the value of QS is by studying the reprocessing market, which is another attempt to create a new currency. So far, cryptocurrency has failed in the form of currencies. Their focus is on ensuring reduction (i.e., no one can easily generate new coins), but they ignore the stability of value and ease of use. This makes them extremely suitable for business, by estimating almost all activities are promoted (see more about the shortcomings of cryptocurrency). Despite these shortcomings, the market value of cryptocurrency has reached approximately US $ 1 trillion. It is not too far to believe that a currency which is designed to meet the true needs of the market (price consistency, ease of use etc.), and in particular, with a better payment network, this number Should cross. The Q rewards reserved today are from the supply of 2 trillion cut. This means that the use of awards will be available for use at the rate of US $ when all Q2 trillion US Dollars will reach the value, according to the above as shown above, for a realistic estimate widely adopted.


Monetary Policy Of Q

  • In order to maintain public confidence in its long-term sustainability, each currency requires a monetary policy. A currency whose economic value fluctuates rapidly makes a trade and finance complicated, damages the economy, and ultimately leads people to use other currencies.


  • In order to maintain the stability of purchasing power, the total amount of money in the economy (“money supply”) should be increased in speed with the same demand of economic activity and money keeping. In most countries, money supply is mainly indirectly controlled by the central bank’s incentives given to private banks.


  • Initiative Q also requires monetary policy to maintain the stability of the currency, but in the form of global electronic currency, it is not tied to these historical boundaries, and depending on the exact real-time economic data, more advanced monetary instruments Can be used. These monetary instruments are detailed below.


  • It should be noted that the monetary policy of the initiative Q will ultimately be supervised by a monetary committee which is directly responsible for all Q holders, and the initiative is independent of the Q entity.

Q Control On Circulation

The purpose of the Q network is to facilitate business more efficiently than the current payment system and currencies. For this, it is necessary that Q is stable in value, hence the prices remain quite stable and estimated. In order to fulfil this goal, the reserved reward quo for each member will be released for use gradually, which corresponds to the increase in economic activity on the network at that rate, while the target exchange of one US dollar per q Rate is maintained.

Supply Of Monetary

To keep the purchasing power constant, the money supply must match the economic activity. Therefore, since there is no cap in economic activity, the amount of Q should also be unpunished. However, it is very important that money supply only increases in proportion to the increase in the demand for catching Q, not for other reasons. For example, governments which have printed money except for funding their budget (and devalued the currency of the citizens, in order to transfer money from citizens to government accounts) created hyperflexion and eventually made their currency unusable. Thus, when theoretically unlimited, the Q supply is controlled in practice. This is done entirely through monetary instruments, which can be used to maintain currency stability and to promote adoption.


Committee Of Monetary

To achieve currency stability, careful analysis and prediction of economic activity, as well as public psychology factors, need to be considered. Unfortunately, it is beyond computer access and requires the involvement of human professionals. In this way governmental currencies are managed, major currencies exhibit more long-term stability than today’s bitcoin and another cryptocurrency. However, the initiative Q can cross it with more focused and better-promotional management. In order to fulfil this requirement, the initiative will be a monetary committee in Q. The initiatives to be initiated through voting by all the stakeholders in the initiative payment corporation are independent of the Q-corporate entity. This committee will be in charge of setting up and running monetary policy: To determine how much Q is to be added or removed from circulation, and through which monetary instruments. Members of the Monetary Committee are financially encouraged to fulfil their goals by putting remuneration for their performance.

How To Join Us And Be The Member Of Initiative Q

Since the initiative Q-Monetary Committee has access to real-time financial data and has direct control over the supply of money, its policies can be more scientific and transparent than existing systems. Whenever possible, the production of the committee will be expressed as the rules and actions which direct the monetary actions to be given to various economic parameters (similar to today’s Taylor Rule). They will gradually be updated according to new insights, eventually reaching a stable position, where the policy is automatically near, although with continuous monitoring to detect discrepancies. As a means of establishing trust in the long-term purchasing power of Q, the monetary committee will offer to buy Q in return for the USD (and other currencies) at a constant rate of 1 US dollar per dollar. This will convince vendors that they can carefully accept the Q as a payment method. For this, the monetary committee needs to keep the large reserves of US Dollars. Reserve balance will be publicly available, assuring members that they can be converted to USD at any time, thus supporting Q stability. Since Q becomes a global standard, and confidence in its long-term value increases, the reserve ratio can be reduced. These reserves are funded through two sources:

  • Sell Q for US Dollar

Buyers benefiting from the benefits of Q payment network need to add Q to their account, which is done by buying them from the Monetary Committee.

  • Sell Q’s Future Subsidy

This option is available for recognized investors who believe in the long-term success of the initiative. They can buy the right to get Q (at a significant discount) in the future, which will be released Network development – similar to the award of new members

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