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Ambient intelligence (AmI) – Technology Of IoT. Changing The Life Style?

Over the last ten years, we have seen a stunning mobile computing revolution. According to research firm IHS Markt, the smartphone installation base is expected to reach 6 billion by 2020. More than half of the world’s population is taking personalized devices that have powerful processors, sensors, cameras, high-speed communication and intelligent applications. In the next ten years, there is an Environmental Intelligence (EI) revolution where all the above technologies will be included in our homes, grocery stores, offices, hospitals and transport services. The fourth will be one of the main elements of the Industrial Revolution. In the rise of amphibious computer vision in IOT and Intelligent IOT and fog computing trends, we talked about some technical trends in computer vision and AmI. In this blog, we will discuss what ambient intelligence is and find out how the AmI properties should be included to solve the pain points of users, business and society in the Internet of things (IoT). The model requires an artificial intelligence (AI) system which can automatically and accurately track people and their contacts with the environment. Intelligent agents or robots will automatically function within the environment to meet the needs of the people.




Environmental intelligence is an emerging discipline that brings intelligence into our everyday environment and makes those environments sensitive to us. Ambient Intelligence (AmI) builds on research sensors and sensor networks, extensive computing, and progress in artificial intelligence. Since these contribution areas have experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, therefore AmI research has expanded and expanded. Since AmI research is getting mature, resulting in technologies making people flexible and adaptive around people, they promise to make daily human life revolutionary. Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is an element of a comprehensive computing environment that enables it to communicate and respond properly with humans in that environment. This capability is enabled by the integral embedded devices in the Environment and Natural User Interface (NUI), which provides some services from autonomy in response to the perceived requirements and accept user input through voice, gesture and other non-blocking methods. AmI communication elements are always receptive to human input and other variables. Besides home and business settings, ambient intelligence can also be used in fully automated environments to assess situations, interact with other devices, manage tasks and transmit data externally.


About 20 years after the introduction of AmI vision, now it is technically feasible to implement many elements. It has the ability to disrupt business models in many areas. However, AmI still needs to gain public trust and confidence. It will require a lot of emphasis on accuracy, security, reliability and privacy security. Nevertheless, people are starting to enjoy the benefits of AmI provided by applications such as environment-conscious Smart Home Assistants. Gradually, the usage model will affect many aspects of our lives.

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