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Kniterate – The Automatic Knitting/Sewing Machine – 3D Printer


What is Actually Kniterate?

Remember Open-knit? Open source knitting machine made of 3D printed parts? Producer Gerard Rubio is back with the next-generation DIY clothes making it easier and more accessible. Rubio has a new startup nitrate, which is described as ‘platform for 3D printing gears’. Like Open-knit, the idea is that you can make it easier and more efficient to create custom clothing and accessories. All you need is A) Design Software and B) Knitting Machine. Nayarit brings them together, but never before. So how is Kniterate different from OpenKnit (or other)? Where OpenKnit was a large, custom-built device that was used to prepare fabrics through nitric open-source knit software, Nitrate is a complete platform with its proprietary web-based design software and a new (right now) Weave machine). When compared together, it is quite the opposite, but it is easy to see how a person leads another, and they have learned some things in this way, which results in better machines and better formation.


Why Use Kniterate?

People come in different sizes and sizes, and until recently they were not in line with the standards of the fashion industry and mass-produced styles. Personalized goods provide new revenue streams and increasing purchasers create brand fidelity in the time of sophistication. Nitrate offers a tool that makes such BSPO services more affordable for both consumers and manufacturers. You will be able to find Nemet in the workshops of independent designers, workshops, libraries or as part of retailers’ in-store experience. Nitrate is bringing a cheaper and compact version of industrial weaving machines to your workshop. It automatically turns your digital design into knitted fabrics. We have made the process of designing knit garments and making the making very easy. Start collecting scarves, beans, relationships, worn and collect your own dress, sweater or even shoes. Create a design and nitrate you have to knit for it. Our process makes it easy to scale from one-level to production quantity. How to read the section for details This apparel will replace the industry’s current supply chain model. At the moment, retailers supply half clothes worldwide and end up with extra stocks, which are then forced to mark them down, or worse, throw them. Nitrate is made locally and on-demand with clothing, and because it is made to shape it, so there is no waste due to clotting.


How Kniterate Works?

We love knitwear. It is light and breathable, suited for your body and unlike cut-and-sew, almost no waste because the product is knitted to shape. We have developed nitrate because we want everyone to be able to detect knitting ability. The only equipment available till now were industrial knitting machines, whose cost was above $ 50,000, takes a lot of space and requires a technician to run. With nitrite, you can create personalized professional knitwear at the click of a button, and repeat your favourite designs again and again. Domestic knitting machines work with punch cards from the 80s and can be done in hours of casting, closing, shaping, knitting the cables, etc. in hard working hours, and it becomes more complex when adding colours only. Like an industrial knitting machine, Nitrate computer is controlled. It can move the stitches around and do these tasks automatically, and you can be free to do more creative work. Bring both worlds in line with the budget of manufacturers and designers and with an easy to use automated digital knitting machine optimized for any studio, maker space or class size. With the template’s library and six feeders (different colours and/or content), you will be able to create amazing patterns, structures, and shapes that otherwise would not be difficult to knit. This is the perfect machine for small fashion businesses and design studios, makerspace and schools. Its applications range from knitwear to medical apparatus and aerospace components to technical apparel and sports equipment. Imagine being a tool to prototype the new generation of knitting!

  • Rapid prototype: runs on small scale without worrying about Tech Pack
  • Test swatch
  • Try new stitches

Kniterate Technical Specification

New companies providing compact and cheap versions of industrial equipment reflect a recent tendency towards reducing production on small scale and changing manufacturing industries. Combining this movement in the direction of distributed manufacturing, Nitrate has made an easy-to-use version of industrial weaving machines which can be installed at any cost less than ten times the cost of industrial workmen in any workshop. Nuit et helps fashion designers to avoid the long lead time of outsourcing and testing their designs. It also gives manufacturers a tool to experiment with new types of yarns and fabrics. Now to create a new wave of wearable it has become easier to use and build complex knit patterns with conductive yarn. It will help in accelerating innovation similar to how garbage hackers access electronic devices to create a personal computer industry. Soon we will see the impact in different industries like fashion, clothing and materials science, display wear and medicine. With nitrate, you can create custom knitted products such as scarves, beans, shoes, sweaters, clothes, etc. Just follow these three easy steps:

Step 1: Create your design using scratches or templates
Step 2: If you are ready to wear it or collect it, nitrate it for
Step 3: Wear your own unique weave, gift or sell them to others
Step 4: Share them online with the night community

Kniterate Parts & Equipments

There are hundreds of needles for making loops in nitrate, which are controlled by the computer, which make jointly knit fabric. There are hundreds of needles for making loops in nitrate, which are controlled by the computer, which make jointly knit fabric. The needles are bundled in the waves, in front and rear waves, the clothes are woven in shapes. They may be ready to use like scarves and beans, or assemblies like sweaters may be required. The software of nitrate is still in development and the focus of the company will be in the coming months. In the past year, the team has created a native prototype of the web-based app, with which people are able to design some patterns on scarves and then knit the file. Recently, the team is working on a more efficient script which is capable of taking images and converting it into knitted pieces. Nitrate software is currently under development and will ship free with the knitting machine. There will be a browser-based version and a standalone version (Mac and Windows compatible), files will be loaded onto the machine via SD card or USB. An online library of templates will be integrated into the Design App so that you can design, edit and share your clothes and accessories. UI will tell you:

  • Design using standard templates from our collection or make them from scratch
  • Add images and text
  • Drag and drop from a wide variety of stitches
  • Share your digital wardrobe with the world
  • We will work closely with our community and research institutions to create more applications for NAPR

Kniterate Uses

We have developed countless prototypes, and although the machine works perfectly and the information we have given you is based on this model, we want to make a lighter and faster machine. That’s why we are giving ourselves four months to customize it and test it before construction. To build nitrate, we have partnered with an industrial weaving machine manufacturer which has more than 30 years of experience. The factory has thoroughly reviewed our design for manufacturing plans along with manufacturing (DFM), Bill of Materials (BOM), which gives us a quote and manufacturing time. The nitrate Kickstarter campaign started on 29 March 2017 and it lasted till May 8, 2017. Nitrate will be available for initial bird-backers for a price of $ 4,499 before moving into a batch of $ 4,499. The backers will receive their first nitrate machines in April 2018. The design app in the video below is not yet fully functional. We show it as a way to display what we are working on. Capabilities developed so far:

  • Import images
  • Write text
  • Change fonts
  • Pen Tool for Free Drawing
  • Change the Pen Tool’s Thickness
  • Change the colour of the pen tool
  • Resize template
  • Change the colour of the template
  • Layer organization
  • Social Profiles
  • Create a new design starting with someone else
  • Make the design private

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