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How To Survive When Robots Take Our Jobs?

How To Survive When Robots Take Our Jobs

How Robots Are Going To Take Our Job ?

Here’s the truth: robots are already starting to work from hourly human workers, and it’s going to continue. Research of McKinsey found that 45% of current jobs can be automated. We need to make a real solution to avoid the situation and help the displaced workers. You can not stop technology innovation only. The restrictions often create a worse situation than allowing people to renew, but how we innovate and look closely at seeing the impact on society. Several well-known leaders joined Elon Musk to start the Open AI, a non-profit artificial intelligence (AI) research company, whose purpose is to promote and develop a suitable AI to fully benefit humanity. A new kind of convenience store was opened in the basement of Amazon’s headquarters in Seattle in January. Customers go in, scan their phones, they pick up the shelves they want and then go out again. There is no checkout in Amazon Go or no cashier. Instead, this is what makes the tech giant “Just Walk Out”, which is made possible by new generation machines, who can understand which customer is and what are they taking up the shelves. Within one or two minutes of leaving the store, a receipt for the items purchased by them comes to their phone. This is the size of things coming in food retailing. The technological change is happening fast and there are economic, social and moral effects in it. There is a downside in Amazon G, even if consumers benefit from lower prices and do not waste time in queues.


The store is open only to shoppers who can download an app on their smartphone, who make rules for those who rely on welfare tickets. Continuous monitoring means that there is no shopkeeping, but Big Brother’s emphasis is on this. The change is always disruptive but the possibility of turmoil as a result of the next wave of automation will be marked specifically. For example, cars without driver are possible because intelligent machines can interact with each other and can communicate. They can do things or ultimately be able to do things – which were once the exclusive protection of humans. This means that high growth, but it is also a risk that the owners of machines become rich and wealthy, while those migrants get ariary and agree. Even then it will not be enough. As it has been noted by the Institute for Public Policy Research, a new model of ownership is required to ensure that the dividend of automation is broadly shared. One suggestion of this is the funding of the citizens, which will be a comprehensive portfolio of assets on behalf of the public and will pay a universal capital dividend. It can be either funded by asset sales revenue or companies paying corporation tax in the form of shares, which will be more valuable due to the high profit generated by automation. But disorder will be considerable, and it will come at a time when social fabric is already strayed. To ensure that as a technical change, there is a net increase in jobs, profit will be spread all around and the concept of reconstruction will be reconstructed which work should be reconstructed.

How To Survive For Jobs After Automations?

The robots will be coming, and they will be taking our jobs. Or is it a matter of concern. A recent Oxford University study says that in the next two decades, about 47 percent of jobs in the US are in danger of becoming obsolete for automation. This is not confined to the blue-collar factory labor; Even office clerical duties and high-skilled work can eventually be done by computer and artificial intelligence. And if this happens then how will we live? Well, recently, a very old idea has got momentum in Silicon Valley, whose purpose is to solve this problem. Solution? Guaranteed income for all. Before removing the robot from the job, reboot your career, write authors of a book about the future of the work. If you are worried about your work robot, then it is time to stop the fret and decide what you are going to do about it. This does not mean that it will take up arms against our robot-overlay. Artificial intelligence and automation are invincible and are already restoring jobs. The AI software can detect breast cancer tumors on an X-ray scan, because in the form of doctors, and on California highways, there are fewer accidents than drivers in driverless cars. The concept is also known as Universal Basic Income, and that’s exactly what this is all about. The government will cut every citizen from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per month, without any wires attached. You can spend it on groceries, deposit it into a savings account or complete it on a trip to Hawaii.


It does not matter what you do with it; The government will send you that money without worrying every month. If you already have a good salary, then this check is not so important, but if you are poor or unemployed, then there may be a difference between $ 1,000 extra on the roof and on your head. Unlike the worldly, process-driven jobs, factories and accounting firms will disappear. But new jobs will be revealed. In 2013, the American Labor Department estimated that 65% of children in school would eventually be prepared for jobs. Before coming to the Internet, there was no social media manager and application user interface designer. The question is how much disruption will be for the workforce, and how fast. Various studies suggest that 30-40% of jobs can be automated to some extent. If he looks unrealistic, then in May I listened to Google Duplex’s performance, AI assistant who can make a phone call on your behalf. It naturally chatted with the person at the other end of the phone to the appointments and restaurant reservations. AI is doing well. As technology progresses and the risk of losing job increases, basic income is a compelling concept that is very important for fans in the technical community. An established startup incubator, Y Combinator announced this year that it is going to use a basic income. The firm’s researcher will conduct a pilot study on 100 families in Oakland, California, under which each person will be given $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per month. Data collected from this effort (which is slated for six months to one year) will notify a five year project in which thousands can be included.

How To Make Money When Robots Takes Our Jobs?

One of the biggest questions we have to answer is how we will earn money in the future, where our maximum jobs go to the cold storage, in the hands of the automated machine robots? Now this concept is very simple, a government will guarantee a certain amount to every eligible citizen. And generally speaking, the amount of money that can be found near the poverty line for that country is revealed. The idea that all your basic needs like shelter, food, clothing will meet with this fundamental, and whatever you want, you have to go out and earn. This can be a great help for those who are living below the poverty line. I think that you can think that if you are homeless, it is very difficult for you to return to your feet if you do not know where you are going to spend tonight. Imagine just having so much money so that you can cover those basic needs, which can give you the ability to go out and do more work, and in fact, the studies have stopped it. A study by MIT and Harvard has shown that people in poor countries have not been discouraged from seeking any type of work in any way. That is why it fears that it will create a whole population of lazy people in any way.

Other studies have shown that by giving money to people rather than the option of money like food vouchers, they get a sense of dignity and empowerment, so they try to get jobs or more education, and this will give you other things Frees to pursue, such as passion projects (Typewriter typing) In fact, a lot of technology enthusiasts guarantee a world with basic income which leads to unprecedented era of innovation. But we have some big questions, the biggest question is, will it work? One more, how do you pay for it? How do you manage it? How do you ensure that the eligible people are actually getting the money they need? And the answer is, we do not know. Because we have not actually tested it yet. But, next year, there are going to start a pilot program to find out the possibility of basic income in many different areas. They include Canada, Finland, Switzerland, are making a referendum on this subject, and a non-profit organization wants to provide 6,000 Kenyan basic income for 10 to 15 years. This can be a long-term experiment, to see what the final effect is. And we must keep in mind that even though basic income works in these pilot programs, it can not work everywhere. But, unless we try, we will never know. And the truth of the matter is, we still have to think about this question because whether it is a choice or not, one-day automation is actually going to take place of all people’s jobs.

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